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Citrine & Sage Smudge Stick

Bee's Sneeze Herbal Torch w/ Citrine Stone. 

Abundance, Prosperity, Motivation, and revitalising the mind. Releases fear, anxiety, and phobias. 

Sage Wands, also known as "smudge sticks" or "herbal torches" have been used for centuries by many cultures as a way to cleanse a space, body, energy or aura of negative or stagnant energy. We have taken the traditional sage wand and added natural beeswax, local herbs, seasonal flowers and a genuine crystal. Each wand contains instructions and crystal properties.

  • California White Sage
  • Rose Petals 
  • Genuine Citrine Stone 

To Use:
1. Remove crystal.
2. Light torch with match or lighter.
3. Gently let smoke of sage permeate your home, office, car or other area.
4. Try to let smoke thoroughly flow into the full space. Don't forget corners, cubbies and closets.
5. Visualize any lingering or negative juju leaving your space.
6. Herbal Torch will naturally go out when it's work is done.
7. If it does not go out after ten minutes, gently press into sand, soil or cement ground to exterminate.
8. Hold your crystal near your heart.

Set your intention + manifest your dreams! 

Each torch measures 4-4.5" long.

*Each crystal and torch are completely unique.
*Photo is not the exact product you will receive since no two torches are identical.