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Permanent Jewelry

We are excited to be bringing a permanent jewelry bar to our Boutique.
We will be ready to go August 2024. We will have more information soon regarding booking an in-store
appointment or hosting an event at another location. We will begin serving off-site clients in Miami-Dade & Broward Counties.
In-Store Bookings will be at our Pinecrest, FL boutique.
If you have any questions please email

Permanent Jewelry FAQ

What is Permanent Jewelry?
Permanent jewelry is a custom fit bracelet, necklace, or anklet that is welded on at the jump ring. There is no clasp, and it can not easily be removed. The perk is that it always looks like a beautiful seamless piece of jewelry.

What Materials do you use?
We use high quality gold-filled chains and charms, as well as sterling silver, and vermeil. We can source 14K Gold upon request.

Are Materials Hypoallergenic?
We use high quality gold-filled, and silver jewelry that is nickel free, and safe to leave on permanently. If you are sensitive and require 14K Gold we can source that upon request. 

How Long Does It Take?
The welding process is quick and painless. Setting up the bracelet and jump ring takes a couple minutes to get right, and the zap to the metal is jus a second. The longest part will be deciding which of our beautiful chains and charms you want to use to make your bracelet.

Does It Hurt?
Absolutely not! The zap to weld is quick and the welder only makes contact with the jump ring. To make our clients feel extra comfortable, and prevent any mishaps we always place a leather patch as a barrier between our client's skin and the jump ring. 

Do You Take Walk-ins?
Although we always try to accommodate our clients, we strongly suggest calling ahead, even if 30 minutes before, to ensure we have one of our expert welders on site. This will ensure timely installation of your permanent jewelry and reduce any wait time.

The Only Block Out Dates for Walk-ins is the week before Mother's Day, and the week before Christmas. These two weeks are the busiest time of year for us at the boutique, and too hectic to schedule permanent jewelry appointments. We will be happy to sell the chains and/or charms for your holiday gifts, and the recipient can schedule their installation beginning the week after the above mentioned holidays. 

How Much Does It Cost?
Since each piece of jewelry will be selected by the client to their taste, each bracelet will have a unique cost depending on the type of chain selected, and any charms added. Prices for bracelets start at $35, and charms start at $12. All chain prices include welding. 

What If I Need to Remove My Permanent Jewelry?
That's Okay! We understand that life happens, and you may need to temporarily or permanently remove your bracelet. We recommend finding the jump ring and snipping it there to preserve your jewelry for future use. You can use scissors, wire cutters, or nail clippers. If you are nervous about it you can always pop in the shop and we will be happy to snip it off free of charge.

Can I Travel On Airplane With My Permanent Jewelry?
Yes! TSA does not require that jewelry be removed, and we use high quality metals that will not set off metal detectors. 

Can I Gift Permanent Jewelry?
Yes! We offer 2 options.

1- If you want to personalize the gift & pick it out yourself, you can stop by our boutique or contact us for pictures of current stock. You can make selections & pay for the items ahead of time. The gift recipient can stop in the shop at anytime to pick up their gift, and have it welded on. Alternatively, you can take the gift with you, and they bring it in at their convenience for welding. We recommend that they do make an appointment to be sure we have a welder on site. 

2- You can purchase an Indigo Republic Boutique gift card which can be used for permanent jewelry, or anything else at the shop. 

Do You Offer Charms To Add?
Yes! We have a variety of charms in gold filled, sterling silver & vermeil. Our charms start at $12, and make beautiful additions to your bracelet, necklace, or anklet. 14K Gold charms can be sourced upon request. 

How Long Will It Last?
It can last a lifetime if cared for properly. They are sturdy, but not completely indestructible. Like any delicate jewelry chain, it can snap if caught on something. The weld at the jump ring will last forever, but if worn during rough or contact sports you run the risk of it getting damaged, and/or breaking off.  

Can Children Get Permanent Jewelry?
Yes, we love matching Mommy & Me jewelry! We do recommend children be 12 & older. Please keep in mind children tend to be rougher on jewelry than adults. We can not be responsible for lost or broken jewelry on children. This does not exclude them from warranty, but just want parents to be aware of the risk if bracelet is lost. Also, keep in mind smaller children will grow at a quicker rate than older children, which may require jewelry to be cut off and made longer where possible, or new chain purchased. We would not want jewelry to become too tight restricting blood flow or causing other issues. We do not recommend permanent jewelry on children younger than 4, but will be happy to make them a matching bracelet with a clasp, and adjustable chain that will grow with them. 

How Do I Care for My Jewelry?

You can wash with soap & water, or restore shine using a jewelry cleaning cloth. 

Do You Host Private Parties?
Yes! We would love to be a part of making wonderful memories with family & friends at your next birthday, bachelorette party, wedding, anniversary, or reunion. We offer incentives for groups of 6 or more.  Please email for booking information and custom quote. 

Can You Customize Charms For My Event?
We will try to source charms or chains specific to your event. The earlier you contact us the better chances we have at obtaining specialized pieces. We will be happy to help in suggesting pieces to make your event unique & memorable. 

What If My Welded Jewelry Breaks?
Although we do hope your piece will last a lifetime, sometimes accidents happen. We warranty all of our pieces, and will gladly repair your jewelry, at our discretion, for the first 6 months free of charge. If there is evidence of accidental breakage, we will try to accommodate a repair. If the chain has been stretched indicating a snag or rough pull it is at the welder's discretion whether it can be rewelded. If a chain has been stretched it has lost its durability, and will easily break again. If this is the case, we will offer the client a 30% discount on a new chain. Any charms on the existing bracelet can be transferred to the new chain free of charge.